Africa-UK Diaspora Submission to the: EC Public Consultation ‘Towards a post-2015 development framework’

September 2012

Africa-UK is a nationwide policy engagement programme funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and Comic Relief through the Common Ground Initiative (CGI), and delivered by the Royal African Society and AFFORD. It aims to increase the diaspora’s contribution to Africa’s development by promoting dialogue and engagement between UK-based Africans involved in development on the one hand, and policy makers on the other, in order ultimately to influence UK and international development debates and policy.Africa-UK provided a platform for 65 UK-based African civil society organisations and individuals to contribute to the discussions around the post-2015 development framework. The process of consultation with the African diaspora included the establishment of a drafting committee made up of diaspora policy experts1, an open meeting on 16th August 20122, and the circulation of a draft text for comments and further amendments. This document is the final text and constitutes Africa UK’s submission to the EC Public Consultation, Towards a post-2015 development framework.

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