09 September 2013
Africa-UK Communications

Africa-UK influencing and engagement small grants scheme winners announced

Africa-UK is pleased to announce the winners of the pilot Africa-UK Influencing and Engagement Small Grants Scheme. There are 5 winners, 4 of which are consortia. The winning influencing and engagement activities will be carried out between October 2013 and January 31st 2014.

The winners are:

See below for more details of the activities of the winning projects:


Location: London

Activity topic: Enlisting the African diaspora in Malaria reduction

Consortium Partners:

1) ADAAM                                                              

2) TOSHPA                                                       

3) Salem Health Project

Objectives: Engage African health professionals to develop inter-agency partnership with community organisations to deliver outreach service, education and awareness on malaria prevention.  

Influencing and Engagement Activity:

  • An interactive community event focusing on:
    • Safe practices for malaria prevention: chemo-prophylaxis, bite prevention, treatment and information sharing, and about health risks of non-protection against malaria;
    • Developing a public service announcement (PSA) about the action by the African diaspora community against malaria;
    • Engaging the diaspora on health awareness and promotion to help ensure better malaria prevention outcomes in the African diaspora community;
    • Engaging diaspora in discussions about supporting communities in malaria endemic countries in Africa through volunteering.


Location: Leeds

Activity Topic: Financing African Development through diaspora investment

Objectives: Exploring alternative approaches to development finance through diaspora investment(s).                               

Influencing and Engagement Activity:

  • The project will be driven through three events:
  • An event to launch community shares on 9 November 2013 aimed at raising awareness and encouraging the diaspora to invest in African development;
  • Inviting the shadow Secretary of State for International Development to a round table discussion in November 2013;
  • Preparing a policy brief and presenting it at a public debate to be jointly hosted with the Africa APPG at the House of Commons in January 2014.


Location: London

Activity Topic: Educate a Girl Educate a Society (EGES)

Consortium partners: 1) BTHWC                                                         

                                   2) The A-Connexions Global Village

Objective: Encourage civil society and policy makers both in Ethiopia and in the UK to emphasise the benefits of higher education for girls, remove some of the barriers preventing girls from pursuing secondary and tertiary education, and put systems in place to make it easier for girls to pursue higher education.       

Influencing and Engagement Activity:

  • A public event in the UK on girls' education in Ethiopia which will focus on:
  • Addressing challenges;
  • Encouraging more funding and other support for girls' education in Ethiopia.


Location: London

Activity Topic: Future of Ghana Forum: Charity Begins At Home? WAM...

Consortium partners: 1) Family Outreach Ghana                         

                                   2) Me FiRi Ghana                                      

Objectives: Create a platform for the diaspora to engage decision makers on the contribution of the diaspora to Africa's development (with a focus on the Ghanaian diaspora and volunteering in Ghana/Africa).                                                                                                                                                      

Influencing and Engagement Activities:

  • Engage and confirm a panel of influential policy stakeholders to be on the panel
  • Research and confirm the theme and questions for the forum
  • Establish a marketing campaign to drive thoughts and opinions of individuals living within the Diaspora community
  • Research, reach out to and confirm partners who will help engage and extend conversations concerning the forums discussion offline to online
  • Ascertain survey and consultations used to obtain quantitative feedback
  • Document and confirm pre and post forum evaluations to be built into the policy findings document                                                                                                                      By carrying out the forum we hope to not only engage those in attendance but also extend conversations from the forum to online platforms; whilst also also working with Media TV partners who will broadcast the forum event through their networks to millions of viewers.


Location: Birmingham

Activity Topic: Rising to the challenges of African Agric & Food security

Consortium Partners: 1) Diaspora for African Development  

                                   2) Chipo Musara Foweraker                     

                                   3) Agnes Ngulube Holmes                        

                                   4) Agric International Ltd.              

Objectives: Enhance understanding and recognition amongst decision-makers of the role the African Diaspora play in the development of Africa's Agriculture and Food Security through the increased collaboration between African individuals and organisations, and the promotion of progressive and informed debate that engages and influences decision-makers to implement existing or proposed policies concerning Africa's Agriculture and Food Security more effectively.      

Influencing and Engagement Activity:

  • An event in parliament with the APPG for Agriculture and Food for Development and potentially the Africa and International Development APPGs. This will be done with the support of the Institute for International Development Studies (IDS) at Sussex University and Professor Lawrence Haddad, IDS Executive Director, will deliver a keynote speech at the event. A policy brief will be produced at the end of the project.

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